Data & Analytics

Using data-based analysis, find out how, where and when your advertising is best received.

How you benefit from our solutions

Data and know-how

Swiss Post knows every letter box in Switzerland. With our valuable data ecosystem, intelligent algorithms and analyses, your advertising campaigns receive even better results.

More advertising success

With data-based preliminary analyses, you can identify and reach your target group and determine the right distribution and targeting zones for your advertising campaign.

Insights and lessons learned

Receive a data-based evaluation of your campaign and benefit from our recommendations for action to optimize future, data-driven advertising measures.

Want to focus on a specific target group and not just rely on reach? If so, you’ve come to the right place. With our data & analytics solutions, we offer targeting options that you are already familiar with from your online campaigns, but that you can now also use for your offline measures.

Through our tailored solutions, we also develop an individual, data-driven approach to increasing your marketing success. 

Impact at the highest level

What’s the best option for you? 

From the idea through to implementation

We’re there to support you.

  • Strategy and concept design

  • Target group analysis

  • Content and design

  • Production

  • Dispatch and transmission

  • Reporting and post-processing

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